Meet Fynn. The inspiration behind Entertain My Dog.

My name is Taylor and this is my dog, Fynn. My wife and I both grew up with dogs and love animals. When we rescued Fynn, he was a timid and shy guy. The photo on the left is day we got him. The second we brought him to the grass from the concrete pen, he acted like a new dog and this goofy grin appeared.

Once he became acclimated to our home and family, Fynn became a high energy dog who loves to run, dig and play. While we love his energy, I work from home due to Covid-19 and need quiet to focus. In turn, we had become inventive and find different ways to entertain Fynn.

Fynn destroys toys so we have to watch him when he’s playing with a typical stuffed toy. He loves buffalo horns and his antler but can only chew them for so long. We began researching and learning about all the different ways to stimulate and entertain Fynn during the day. Learning about canine enrichment was fascinating and gave me the idea to start this site. Whether bought from a store or DIY, Entertain My Dog is here to help you find different ideas and activities for your dogs enrichment and entertainment. We want to save your dog from boredom and save your sanity.

Play on!
Taylor & Fynn
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Note: I am not a vet. Please, check with your vet and do your research before following any tips on this site.