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No more thinking to yourself “my dog is bored.” Entertain My Dog provides you with ideas for mental and physical stimulus to keep your dog from boredom.


Your dog is a part of your family. You want to make sure they are happy and healthy. Just like us, dogs can easily get bored and need different stimulus and entertainment. Entertain my dog is here to help you provide enrichment for your pup. We are here for you to keep your dog stimulated.

Everyone knows about the classic dog walk or a game of fetch but this site is for above and beyond. Because not all dogs enjoy fetch and sometimes a walk is not enough, we’re here to help you come up with new and exciting ways to enrich your dogs life. Whether your dog is big or small, old or young, you will find creative and fun dog entertainment ideas here.

Entertain my dog provides you ways to keep your dog from being bored, different dog entertainment DIY, multiple dog entertainment toys, dog safe recipes and more. Whether you’re leaving your dog in his crate or you work from home or just want to provide your dog extra enrichment, check out the ideas and activities we have to make sure your dog is not bored.

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Working from home has many perks. Working from home with your dog sounds like an even better arrangement. Unfortunately, entertaining your dog while you work can be a challenge. Check out these tips on how to balance your dog and your work while at home.

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Bully sticks are a popular treat for dogs because they’re long-lasting, easy to carry around and delicious But, there are things to consider before giving your pup the a bull pizzle.

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Your dog destroys their toys. Check out this post for insight into why they annihilate their toys and advice on what to do. The end has a few specially curated toy recommendations for your toy destroyer.


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Please note: Watch your dog when you provide them with toys and activities. All dogs are different so consult your vet for any questions. New research is coming out regularly and we are finding out new information on what is best for our furry friends every day. While we have all the best intentions, Entertain My Dog is not a vet or professional trainer. We are here to provide you with ideas for dog entertainment.