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What to stuff in my dog’s KONG? Food to put in your dog’s KONG

What food should I put in my dog’s KONG? KONGs are great entertainment for dogs and this post provides a list of human food to put in your dog’s KONG.

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As you all know, Fynn gets a KONG almost every day. It’s one of his and my favorite treats and entertainment. But, because he gets one so often, I like to get creative with what I give him. I don’t want Fynn to get tired of the toy by giving him the same flavor every day. To keep him as entranced as the first time he got a KONG, I change out the filling often.

Boxer running with KONG in mouth

So that I don’t have to make a special trip to the grocery store, Fynn gets what random food I have in my fridge and pantry. This results in experimentation of what foods go in his KONG.

While many dogs have favorite foods, they also have foods they don’t like. Fynn likes to chew on green beans for a moment but then spits them out. He is also not a fan of watermelon or apples. It’s all about taking the time to learn what your dog likes and dislikes.

Many of these foods on the list are meant as treats so they may be higher calorie or higher fat. You don’t want to give your dog these treats in excess.

The food you’re putting in your dog’s KONG is not zero calorie so make sure you’re accounting for it. You don’t want to over feed your dog. One way to do this is by measuring your dogs food for the day out in the morning. Then, take the amount you put in the KONG out of the amount you would give to your dog with their regular meals.

What food can you put in your dog’s KONG:

Apples: Crunchy and fibrous, apples are a great addition to your dog’s KONG. You can also add applesauce to your KONG to fill the cracks of the solid food in the KONG. Packing the KONG more creates more fun for your pup.

Bananas: Good for their bones and high in magnesium, bananas can be smashed into the Kong or put in whole. Bananas are high in sugar so only use them as a treat.

Blueberries: Great for humans and great for dogs. Blueberries contain antioxidants which is good for dogs cells. Research has shown antioxidants can help aging dogs by improving cognition.

Cute Labrador Retriever eating carrot

Carrots: Lots of vitamin A and a fun crunchy treat. Cut up in small chunks they’re easy to put in the KONG to make your dog very happy. While low in calories, don’t give your dog too many carrots. Vitamin A can be toxic in high doses.

Cheese: A yummy treat which is high in protein, cheese is an easy and tasty food to add to your dogs KONG. Use lower fat versions like mozzarella, feta, or cottage cheese.

Make sure your dog isn’t lactose intolerant and the cheese doesn’t mess with their tummy

Chicken: Plain boiled chicken is an awesome treat. Fynn does not get this in his KONG often. Chicken is a high value treat for him so I don’t want him to be used to getting chicken.

Coconut: Coconut is good for dogs skin, allergies and even can freshen their bad breath. Only give the meat of the coconut and not the furry shell which can be choked on

Corn: Simple and a regular ingredient in dog food. Just don’t include the cob of the corn which can be difficult to digest.

Cute dog looking up holding cucumber

Cucumbers: Low calorie and filled with vitamins, cucumbers can be a great option. While good for all dogs, they’re a great option for dogs on a diet.

Eggs: Cooked eggs are great for humans and great for dogs. They’re a high source of protein and great filler for the KONG.

Fish: If using fish in the KONG, make sure to clean it well (soak it in warm water and clean with an old toothbrush). Fish is great because of the amino acids and “good” fats they contain. Some good options are sardines and salmon. If using tuna, only use small amounts because canned tuna is high in mercury and sodium.

Be careful of bones in any fish and make sure it is cooked.

Green Beans: Frozen, raw or cooked, green beans are a great healthy snack for dogs.

Ham: Not meant to be a regular feast for your dog but makes for a fun different, flavor in the KONG. It’s not healthy (lots of fat and sodium), but they can have a little.

Peanut butter: My go to sealant for KONGs. Containing lots of protein, good fats, vitamin B & E, peanut butter is a great option for KONG filler. Peanut butter is high calorie so don’t give your dog too much.

Do not give your dog peanut butter with xylitol because it is highly toxic to them.

Black dog with yogurt on face

Yogurt: One of Fynn’s favorites is yogurt in the KONG. Try to use plain yogurt with no added sugar and definitely no yogurts with artificial sweeteners.

Make sure your dog is okay with digesting dairy before giving him this sweet treat. Even if your dog is good with a small amount of dairy, large amounts can often cause digestive problems.

Watermelon: Good for hydration and vitamins A, C and B-6, watermelon is a great treat to put in the KONG.

Remove all the seeds first and don’t give them the rind

White Rice: This is a great option for a dog with a sensitive stomach. White rice is easy on their tummies and help with digestion. While tempting to stuff the KONG with the rice, don’t over feed your dog.

Finding what food works for your dog’s KONG may take some experimentation but don’t forget to have fun with it. Learn and work with your dog to find the best option for you and them.

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