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What to get my Dog for Christmas? 10 Holiday Present Ideas for Your Dog

The best dog Christmas present ideas for 2020. From treats to toys, find Holiday gifts which will entertain your dog and make sure your furry family member is never bored.

These days, our dogs are a part of the family. For many, they are our kids. You want your furry family member to have a great Christmas and open presents just like everyone else in the family. Whether your dog likes to tear paper like ours or you’ll be ripping the paper off for your pup, it’s the gift inside that counts. Here’s some top Christmas present ideas for your dog.

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Christmas Dog Gift Ideas

Christmas gift for my dog
Christmas Bark Box

Bark Box

The gift that keeps on giving. Get your pup a subscription box of toys and teats. A box is shipped every month with fun themes to make you laugh and entertain your dog. Each box comes with 2 toys, 2 treats and a chew. You and your pup will be counting down the days to your next box.

brown and white dog eating from red kong classic christmas kong gift

Treat Dispensing Toys

Treat dispensing toys are a go to for enrichment. Anytime you want to entertain your pup for a bit, stuff some food and treats to satisfy and mentally stimulate your dog. The classic toy for stuffing treats is a red wobble KONG but there are many other options to keep your dog entertained and enjoying. Another great treat dispensing toy option is the Bob-a-Lot from Starmark. If you’re looking for a variety of KONG options, check out our list of the different KONG toy styles.

Chuckit! launcher christmas present

Chuckit! Ball Launcher

If your dog loves a game of fetch, the Chuckit! Ball Launcher is the perfect Christmas gift for your pup. The launcher lets you throw farther and not have to bend over to pick up the soaked ball. The Chuckit! balls are heavy duty and withstand your dog’s teeth better than a classic tennis ball.

Fluff and Tuff dog running with tough gator dog toy

Fluff and Tuff Toys

Our dog can chew through a toy within seconds, except for Fluff and Tuff toys. Don’t take my word for it though, read the reviews and see how long these toys last. While not indestructible (Fynn’s gator is missing a few legs and his back scales while his stingray is missing the tail), these toys are the closest thing we have found that last. They also wash great in a washing machine.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are a classic treat for your dog for a reason – long lasting and all-natural. They are one of the healthiest treats you can give your dog and full of protein. While there are always precautions with treats, read our analysis of bully sticks to decide for yourself. If you are concerned about the last small piece of bully stick, you may want to add a bully stick holder to your dog’s stocking.

9.5″ Oversized Tennis Ball

Just like a tennis ball, these are made of felt and rubber. The huge size is great run for a dog to run around and chase for massive fun in the yard. Go through the reviews and you’ll see how much dogs obsess over this toy. While they may pop it, the pups have spoken, and they love it.

Benebone wishbone chew toy christmas present ofr the heavy chewer

Benebone Chew Toy

Looking for a longer lasting all-natural chew for your dog? Look no further than Benebone. The wish bone shape is perfect for your pup to grab with their paws and get a great chew. If you have a heavy chewer, benebones are for them. The Benebones are flavored with real bacon, chicken, and peanuts. They also come in four sizes to make sure it’s the right size for your pup’s mouth.

Personalized Dog Bowls and Food Labels

Putmynameonit on Etsy offers incredibly affordable custom products to spoil your dog. The store offers dog bowls with your pup’s name on them – large or small. They also offer decals with your dogs name on them for your food containers.

yak cheese himalyan dog chew for super chewer christmas

Yak Cheese Himalayan Chews

Long lasting, extremely hard chews for your super chewer dog. The Himalayan Chews come just from yaks and cow’s milk with no preservatives. They are high in protein and due to the curing process, should not bother your dog’s stomach – even if they are lactose intolerant or sensitive. Compared to bully sticks and rawhides, yak chews last longer and are healthier for your pup. Make sure you purchase the right size for your dog.

Fire Hose Tug Dog Toy

Confuse your dog for a Tasmanian devil some days? The Bull Fit toy is your solution. Made of firehose material these toys make sure your dog cannot rip through it. This toy is perfect for bonding with your dog over tug of war or fetch. It’s tough enough to be recommended for K9 and military dog training.

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What to get your dog for Christmas. The best chirstmas gifts for your dog 2020

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